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PowerPoint Tutorials Reviews

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PowerPoint Tutorials Review

Why Use a PowerPoint Tutorial?

Microsoft PowerPoint has effectively monopolized multimedia presentations in the workplace worldwide. People, some of whom are completely untrained in PowerPoint, give millions of presentations each day. The results range from wildly entertaining to catastrophically boring productions. Don't be numbered with the ineffective, uninspiring presenters. With the help of a PowerPoint tutorial, you can create resourceful presentations that will entertain and powerfully deliver your message.

The only thing worse than sitting through a dull presentation, is trying to pay attention to a monotonous tutorial on how to create a dull presentation. With our reviews of PowerPoint tutorial software and side-by-side comparisons, you can find a tutorial to suit your needs. We recommend giving Virtual Training Company, Lynda.com or TeachUComp a try. Read more articles on PowerPoint tutorials in our Learning Center.

Whether you need online access, work files to accompany your closed-captioned tutorial or a completely customizable program to distribute through your company, there is a tutorial for you. A suitable tutorial will fulfill your learning requirements while keeping the course material engaging and fun. Some introduce only the basics, while others are an exhaustive course on every aspect you can possibly learn. Either way, a PowerPoint tutorial will give you marketable skills and leave you confident that you are a step ahead of your competitors.

What to Look for in a PowerPoint Tutorial

Your choice of a tutorial should depend on your skill level, learning timeline, preference of CD, DVD or online availability, number of learners and so on. On this site you will find resources to help you make an informed decision on which product is best for you. We rated the top PowerPoint Tutorials on the following criteria.

The features are the basic requirements you have to check out before moving down the rungs to other aspects of tutorial software. Practice work files, free demonstrations, online access, closed captioning and ease of navigation through the chapters of the tutorial are important features included in the best tutorials.

A quality tutorial should make learning enjoyable. On the contrary, a tutorial of poor quality is discouraging and can put you to sleep. We rated tutorial quality on things like video quality, organization of content, style of teaching, text quality of the tutorial and so on.

User level
In this category, we examined to which user level tutorials catered. Are they for beginners or advanced users only, or do they cover a range of user experience? Do they explain the basics or the advanced concepts? Keep these things in mind when choosing a tutorial. Your level of experience and the level of expertise you wish to reach will help determine which tutorial best suits you.

It's essential to note which version of PowerPoint the tutorial teaches. Is it the latest version, PowerPoint 2010? Depending on what version of PowerPoint you employ, an updated tutorial keeps you aware of any new features and ahead of the game. We weighted the inclusion of PowerPoint 2010 heavier than the inclusion of several older versions.

Help and support are an integral part of a tutorial. A solid line of help and support consists of telephone and email support as well as resources like online chat, FAQs and a user forum. You can rely on these to sort out any problem or difficulty while using the tutorial.

Though PowerPoint is very easy to learn, it requires a great deal of marketing knowledge, language expertise and technical skills to deliver an outstanding presentation. A good presentation will convey the message in the easiest and quickest way possible, instead of wasting time with distracting space-fillers. Equip yourself with the best tools and tricks and start learning now with our top picks for PowerPoint tutorials.

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